Despite of all the doubt that surround online travel agencies, these businesses still managed to thrive. The technological breakthroughs of the recent years has allowed this industry to flourish and grow at such exponential rates. But how did they do it? During the early days of online travel businesses, people were very wary of buying anything online, especially something as important as a plane ticket or a hotel room booking. Basically, successful businesses in the industry has proven that they are fully capable of providing people an alternative way of booking travel essentials online. Still, as a consumer, you must be highly picky when searching for the OTA of your choice.

There are different qualities to look for when searching for an online travel agency. First is reliability and security of the platform, second is the price, and third is customer service quality. Fortunately, we found an OTA who managed to fulfill all of the qualities listed above. JustFly, a U.S. travel agency, is a great online travel agency for those who wish to travel the world on a budget. Why use JustFly?

A low-cost online travel agency

Many people wrongly believe that traveling is intrinsically expensive. What they don’t know is that they are actually able to travel on a budget if they know how to spend wisely. Even if you forego all the shiny luxuries, you can still experience the wonders of different countries, and JustFly is here to help you do just that.

This online travel agency provides discounted tickets, promos, and travel bundles that are fit for everyone. How does JustFly do it? The company has developed their very own infrastructure that allows them to get first access to all the latest discounts and promos from their partners. Speaking of partners, JustFly has direct connections to more than 440 airlines along with 10,000 hotels from all around the world.

JustFly currently allows its customers to book and purchase the following: airline tickets, car rental services, hotel accommodations, and cruise trips. Whether you’re looking for a discounted flight to the city of your dreams or searching for a good hotel, this website will help you save money while still providing for your travel needs.

The benefits of using JustFly

There are so many online travel agencies today that claim to offer the ‘best’ or the ‘cheapest’ of anything, from flight tickets to city tours. However, many of these websites are not really low cost when you consider all the booking fees, extra charges, and other unnecessary payments that you need to do. Not with JustFly. This is definitely where this OTA shines. Here are some of the reasons as to why you need to use JustFly for your next travels.

1. Real budget-friendly ticket prices

If you explore JustFly, you’ll be surprised to find overseas tickets for as low as $200-$400. Sometimes, JustFly even beats the prices of most airlines, even the low-cost ones! How do they do it? Like we mentioned above, JustFly’s direct partnership with airlines, hotels, car rental services, and cruise lines allows them to provide limited discounts and promos. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about hidden fees as all the prices listed on the site are all-inclusive.

2. A convenient way to book your travel needs

When was the last time you actually tried booking with a real-life travel agency? Chances are, it’s already been a very long time. That’s because OTAs like JustFly are perfect alternatives to travel booking. JustFly takes this a step further by providing its users with an easy and simple website interface which allows people to complete the booking process in less than 10 minutes.

3. Beginning-to-end customer support

JustFly’s approach to customer service is truly amazing. In most OTAs, you’ll be expected to know everything that needs to be done in the booking process. While they do have customer support, they tend to be highly limited and difficult to contact. Not with JustFly. This online travel agency has a committed customer service department that can even guide you through the entire booking process.

Overall, this OTA is a perfect alternative to real life travel agencies. Their price range and customer service quality are what gives JustFly an edge over other businesses in the same industry. If you want to save cash while still fulfilling your travel dreams, JustFly is the perfect OTA that we can recommend to you.


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