Travel Pal App Reviews 2017

Origins and Ownership

Travel Pal App Reviews 2017 brand iconVisiting a new country exposes travellers to many changes, one of which is the fact they are now surrounded by strangers with a distinct culture. To add to this situation is your status a tourist, which is why apps like the Travel Pal app are indispensable nowadays. It has translation tools and phrasebook guides in it, along with a host of other features that help tourists become travellers.

Read our Travel Pal app reviews to learn more about the service, its main features, and what users think of them.

Services and Features

The recently updated Travel Pal app made a few improvements on their stability, fixing some minor bug problems. This app’s community is made up of more than 1.5 million users from more than 150 countries, connecting people, improving communication, and eliminating language barriers, as is their aim. The Travel Pal app was developed by a company listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange (HP:CSE): Hello Pal International Inc.

Travel Pal App Reviews 2017 service

Create your Travel Plan, including where and when you are to travel, and what you are looking for. You can either search for locals in that area to help and entertain you during your stay or wait for an interested local to contact you. Use the Travel Pal app first and foremost to find a place you can stay in for free, right at the heart of the locale in a local’s home. Before you even leave for your dream destination, you can meet and get acquainted with your hosts and what to expect using the Travel Pal app’s full-featured chat messaging system.

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The app encourages travellers to find new friends and get an insider introduction as they tour, dine, sleep, and more with the help of locals. If you are more interested in playing host instead, you have the chance to open your home, entertain, advice, and serve guests as part of the Travel Pal app’s couchsurfing community.

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Reviews of Customers

Travel Pal App Reviews 2017 userBased on 534 Travel Pal app reviews on Google Play, the app had an average rating of 4.1 stars over 5, though the most recent Travel Pal app reviews were mostly negative.

Some people liked this app, saying it gave them the opportunity to encounter interesting, helpful, and knowledgeable people. One wrote: “There are many nice people here and they’ve given me some useful advice and tips for travel.” However, the most common complaint was that the app didn’t work for Tapjoy, which Travel App admitted was a credit platform problem.

How To Reach Them?

Interesting Travel Partner

The Travel Pal app can connect travellers to unique and affordable experiences, giving them the opportunity to learn and enhance their social skills as they develop.

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