Travel Buddy App Reviews 2017

Origins and Ownership

Travellers need to have accurate information about places and their location or destination so their trip proceeds smoothly. Being armed with knowledge will take you a long way, and will help the learning that enriches any traveller. The Travel Buddy app is a Norway-based service providing a variety of country facts, news, and more to keep you abreast whenever navigating new terrain.

Travel Buddy App Reviews 2017 traveller

Check out our Travel Buddy app reviews and learn more about travel with this handy app.

Services and Features

If you’re interested in learning more about your travel destination, the Travel Buddy app can come in handy. The app, headquartered in Norway, features “interesting” facts about any city or country in the world such as capital, area, population, currency, continent, and flag. Checking out their app from their Google Play page, I was impressed by how basic and straightforward their display is. It may be easy to navigate, but it isn’t inspiring or engaging, given their stark information.

Travel Buddy App Reviews 2017 service

Start searching for valuable data about a specific place to discover facts and figures you might need to know. Though some Travel Buddy app reviews reason this search yields Wikipedia-like results, the app offers other features, some of which had been recently updated:

Among these are their weather photos. The Travel Buddy app needs your permission to store the latter. These in particular are photos you take capturing the current temperature as well as your specific location, and can be shared on Facebook. Using the Travel Buddy app extends from knowledge about places in the world to a few additional features from weather forecasts for the upcoming week to the latest news in your vacation location.

Reviews of Customers

Travel Buddy App Reviews 2017 mobile screenshotHere are what some of the most recent Travel Buddy app reviews wrote about their experience: “This app is useful for information on the country for what ever city you put in. You don’t really get that much information about the actual city that you are searching,” “Tourist Guide This is quite easy to navigate and know about nearby options when you are new to any place,” while Ross Morgan wrote, “Travel Buddy Hopeless. Doesn’t have guidance to inputs expected or flow to other actions. No Help . Little scope for intuitive navigation. Very Sad.”

After reading several Travel Buddy app reviews, I can say that the app was rather difficult to use, uncooperative and had poor information, and was only moderately satisfying for some users. The Travel Buddy app is good for knowing general facts about a place, but was somewhat erroneous with app users’ each search.

How To Reach Them?

Interesting Service

You can get the same services and sometimes more when using other resources. In terms of user-friendliness, the Travel Buddy app is far from being the best and they clearly don’t offer the most insight into any place. I wouldn’t recommend this app as a travel buddy, and suggest you search for one that better suits your needs.

Travel Buddy App Reviews 2017 traveller

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