Wanderlusts always wish to visit Belgium, and the major reason is not the tourism or the medieval towns and rich architecture. Belgium is more globally-recognized for their food. Yes, who wouldn’t know about those midget little dark chocolates in a box? Belgian chocolates had been popular, no doubt about that – not only during Valentine’s, not only in Belgium. But, today, we won’t just be talking about Belgian chocolates. We listed the Top 5 Belgian Foods. I hope you get a better view of Belgian food after this review.

This list wasn’t personally made; it is reviewed and surveyed by travel experts around the world. The whole article is supported by other ranking sites. So, don’t mind your summer bodies, it’s still winter. Dig in!

1. Belgian Frites/Fries
Top 5 Belgian Foods-belgian-fries

It started as early as 1825 when Mr. Fritz started a fry shop. What’s the difference of Belgian fries from French fries? Belgian fries are usually irregularly-cut or shaped, cooked twice, fluffy, and are at least 10 mm thick. They are usually served in a paper cone. Good news is that the Belgian fries are normally found and sold in the streets with a variety of sauces to enhance your Belgian fries experience.

2. Belgian Mussels
Top 5 Belgian Foods-belgian-mussels

This is the national dish of Belgium, known to be cooked in a 10-quart or larger stock pot. The ultimate obsession of Belgians has been best served with beer. For your information, it is not just any average mussels. They cook it with rosemary, shallots, parsley, thyme, and vegetable stock. The signature look of Belgian mussels is the white wine broth left on the pot. Here, we have a DIY recipe of Belgian mussels, click here.

3. Carbonnades Flamandes
Top 5 Belgian Foods-carbonnades-flamandes

Who needs rice if you have Stoverij (Carbonade flamande in the Belgian language)? The traditional dish of Belgium – and, please, it’s not poutine (Canadian dish) –  is composed of beef, onions, beer, thyme, and bay. Imagine fries, beef, and beer. The beefy-licious meal can be served with a slice of bread, mustard, herbs, and spices.

4. Belgian Chocolate
Top 5 Belgian Foods-belgian-chocolate

Fourth on the list, are Belgian chocolates. Belgium is the country with the record of being the first exporter of chocolate. The biggest selling point of the Belgian chocolate is at Brussels Airport (BRU). If you are going to ask us why these chocolates had been internationally in demand, it’s because they are the original chocolates right before KitKat, Snickers, Hershey’s, and Cadbury. This fact alone makes them exquisitely delicious and high-end.

5. Belgian Waffle
Top 5 Belgian Foods-belgian-waffle

If you want an original version of waffles, then Belgian waffles it is. The difference of these waffles from America’s depends on the appearance and taste, of course. Belgian waffles are normally lighter with larger squares and have deeper pockets. Make sure that you’ll be eating them with your bare hands because that’s how the natives traditionally eat it. As one of the in demand streetfood, waffles are originally from Belgium and were made by Maurice Vermersch and his family in 1962.

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