Taking travel online remains a force that changes the whole travel planning process. People from all age groups and places of origin need a fast, secure, and reliable way to accomplish their transactions even from the remotest locations, the latter being one advantage of doing business with online travel agencies. Online, people expect to have the most efficient searches for their travel needs which the following travel websites offer.

Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 services

1. Priceline


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 Priceline

This online travel agency has a particularly crisp and detailed appearance that wins a lot of admirers. On it, one can book hotels, cars, flights, vacation packages, and cruises, and get deeper discounts on each service. Express Deals, Name Your Own Price are some of Priceline’s service features that slash off significantly for great savings. With the latter, people can bid on hotels or car rentals of their choice for as much as 60% off on hotels and 40% on car rental services.

Don’t forget to check out their seasonal or occasional savings and sales or their featured vacation packages; with Priceline, special affordable trips are at reach.

2. Travelocity


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 TravelocityOne of the subsidiaries of multinational travel company Expedia, Travelocity’s site appears similar to their mother company. Travelocity is a great site to purchase bundle packages from, from which one can save big. Like Expedia, your travel plan is secure with all sorts of customer and price guarantees.

This site offers the traditional services flights, hotels, flight+hotel, cars, cruises, as well as Things to Do and Discover. They search more than 400 airlines and more than 321,000 hotels in an instant. Travelocity’s gnome mascot fronts the service and they personally help to be with travellers every step of the process – from inspiration to planning to customer support.

3. FlightHub


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 FlightHubFlightHub is one of the leading and fastest-growing travel companies in Canada. From their origins, their team of travel and technology experts built up the website to serve travellers and give them an efficient platform to execute their plans. On FlightHub, users have access to flights, hotels, cars, and Travel Insurance.

With the most basic services available on this site, another thing that sets FlightHub apart is their instant e ticket delivery which can cut your email confirmation waiting time significantly. They’re just as popular for their cheap rates.

4. JustFly


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 JustFly

We checked out JustFly’s page and noted the simple layout and design. JustFly, catering mostly to an American demographic, offer flights, hotels, and car rental services to people from all over the world. They were created to deliver travel services instantly and at an affordable price; like FlightHub, JustFly offers instant e ticket delivery to their customers, an Extended Cancellation Policy this time, and low rates on the main services. They partner with more than 400 airlines to pass on the savings to their users.

5. Expedia


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 ExpediaExpedia is a travel giant, owning and operating a number of travel brands and websites such as CheapTickets, Orbitz, Hotwire, among others. Their site, on the other hand, gives users access to flights, hotels, flight+hotel, car rentals, last minute deals. Like Travelocity, an Expedia website, Expedia.com adds Things to Do and Discover to their list of searches.

As one of the world’s most prominent and largest travel companies, Expedia’s search engine searches more than a million flights, hotels, packages, and more. Their special offers include a no cancellation fee for changing or cancelling plans with most hotel reservations.

6. eBookers


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 eBookers

This time, the eBookers website resembles both Travelocity and Expedia in appearance, designed with bold colourful stripes and the typical layout we see on most online travel agencies. EBookers gives users access to flights, hotels, flight+hotel, cars, deals, last minute deals, plus Things to Do. They add to all these Bonus+, the membership of which rewards members instantly with bonuses they can redeem.

EBookers searches more than a million flights, hotels, packages, and more, and tries to ensure a worry-free trip with their price guarantee and other features.

7. Momondo


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 MomondoApparently, one of the most “comprehensive” search engines online, Momondo features a very colourful website appearance. Flights, cars, hotels, you will also find a Trip Finder on Momondo.

Basically, Momondo searches through a number of airlines and travel websites and directs you for free to the site so you can complete your booking.

Their Trip Finder is another feature: simply enter your travel budget and select which themes or preferences you’re interested in to discover new destination ideas.

8. AirGorilla


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 AirGorilla

AirGorilla is reputedly one of the oldest still-existing online travel companies in the world, having been established in 2001. This much is clear when we visited their traditional-looking website; the visage of a gorilla serves as their mascot. AirGorilla’s search engine is markedly sophisticated, showing not only travel packages but more advanced options and the option to compare prices with other websites.

According to their company profile, AirGorilla searches hundreds of airlines, more than 70,000 hotels, half a million airline routes, and more.

9. Kayak


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 KayakKayak reviews comment on Kayak’s simple way of presenting their travel services. It’s very easy to find a flight or hotel you want on Kayak. Aside from the traditional flights and hotels, you can search for car services, packages, rentals, and cruises online. As with the rest of the travel websites, Kayak also searches through hundreds of websites to find the best flights or prices for you. Furthermore, Private Deals will give you lowered rates on some services.

10. Bookingbuddy


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 BookingbuddyTripAdvisor company Bookingbuddy offers flights, hotels, vacation packages, cars, and cruises. When you book more than one service at a time, you can avail of bigger discounts. Booking with Bookingbuddy is totally free. The service has a lot of features that make them stand out such as a best price guarantee, last minute deals, and from their search engine: suggestions of signing up for alerts or suggestions for searches with other websites.

These online travel services make travel planning possible even on your device, without having to travel to a physical location to meet with a live agent. This set-up makes online travel agencies the new frontier of travel.

Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 sojourner

What can you say about our list of ten select online travel agencies? Did you find favorites of your own or form an opinion about any of them? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!


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