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The Irish low-cost airline was founded in 1984 by members of the Ryan family. Initially, it was known as “Danren Enterprise,” but was renamed to “Ryanair” in 1985. Ryanair started with an Embraer Bandeirante carrying 15 passengers. In those years, Ryanair came from a small capital of
£1 and consisted of 25 aviation workers. Now, Ryanair has a total of 11,458 employees and more than 10% of that population are pilots.

Continuous recognition had molded Ryanair into what it is today. Next to Southwest  Airlines, Ryanair is the second-largest budget airline. A low-cost airline, yet it operates from 79 bases with a fleet of 363 serving 192 destinations worldwide. Your friendly travel companion had kept their promise of “Low Fares Made Simple.”

Inflight Services with Ryanair

Ryanair Reviews-cabin-and-crewThere is no designation inflight whether the traveller is flying with Economy or First Class, because there’s no such thing as cabin classes on Ryanair. The airline opts to provide one kind of service on board, like giving their best shot every flight. They believe all passengers deserve equal yet exclusive treatment. Passengers are offered with a range of meals and drinks  from their inflight menu. One thing you’ll notice while on board is the stunning yellow leather seats which have always been their trademark.

PC and Mobile Services

Since Trump won as President of the United States of America, they were wise using Trump as a model of their frontpage. Why? They used the new President’s last name to promote their latest offer. “No one TRUMPS Ryanair fares!” This promotion gives out the first 1 million seats starting from £9.99. Please be aware that it mentions “starting from” not “for only”. Going back to the official site, the interface is simple yet modernized. Customers find it easy to navigate and understand.
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For travellers who are more fond of using smartphones, this won’t be a problem, since Ryanair already has a mobile application for all of its PC services. The travel app is free to download in the App Store and Google Play Store. However, the issue since 2014 regarding delayed flights due to malfunctioning mobile boarding passes had remained unresolved and is still foregoing.

Ryanair Reviews of Passengers

Ryanair is a 3-star airline according to Skytrax and based on 976 Ryanair reviews on Airlinequality, they collected an overall rating of 6/10. What’s more to it, Ryanair had been receiving all-positive feedback from passengers this month. It’s not in doubt why they are considered the best low-cost airline.

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How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                      http://www.ryanair.com
  • Contact number:                +44 871 246 0002
  • Contact Email:                    dalym@ryanair.com
  • Fax Number:                       +353 1 812 1213
  • Head Office Address:         Corporate Head Office, Dublin Airport, Co Dublin, Ireland


Ryanair, as one of the top airlines in the world, had been globally-recognized for cheap flights yet they provide high-quality services on board. Their staff were trained to provide high-quality service on a budget. The fact that they got an above-average rating online gives them more scores as the best budget airline around. However, I am wondering why Ryanair is not part of the top 100 airlines in 2016.

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