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Kam Air Reviews airplaneKam Air advertises their services as “Afghanistan’s Global Gateway” – the Afghan airline’s company slogan. Founded in 2003, it was Afghanistan’s first privately-owned passenger service; Kam Air’s maiden flight was on November 8, 2003 from Kabul, Afghanistan to Herat and Mazari Sharif, using a Boeing 727. Also, tracing Kam Air’s history back to its foundation, the airline’s first airplane was given by General Abdul Rashid Dostum in exchange for his private militia being provided fuel and food.

Our Kam Air reviews look at the airline’s history and other information online such as Kam Air reviews and experiences of their passengers.

More Information

Kam Air has its headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan and flies from main base Kabul International Airport, offering scheduled domestic passenger services and regional international services. Furthermore, their headquarters is detailed as Hamed Karzai International Airport Apron C, and “Ticketing Office Kabul Business Centre Ground Floor Charahi Haji Yaqoob Kabul, Afghanistan.”

Kam Air Reviews CEOZamari Kamgar is the Founder and CEO of Kam Air, who established the airline on August 31, 2003, making it at the time the first privately-owned passenger carrier in Afghanistan. Since, Kam Air had been able to provide flights to European destinations, as well, though by 2010 all Afghan carriers had been banned from flying to European Union nations due to the country’s poor civilian aviation safety record.

What Users Have to Say

Kam Air Reviews cabin serviceThe Kam Air reviews we found online are dated to 2009 at the latest, though according to these 27 Kam Air reviews, Kam Air had only been given 3/10 stars.

Kam Air Reviews travellersHowever, one of the more recent  Kam Air reviews wrote about the airline: “Very comfortable flight with edible food. Flight arrived early both directions. Aircraft are a little on the old side, but clean and I assume well maintained. Will be happy to use them again. Great game of musical chairs before take-off. Seat numbers are in English and half the occupants being Afghans read Persian script.” Other Kam Air reviews maintain that the airline had been fine and that it’s the best way to to get to Kabul.

Their Website

Kam Air Reviews company sloganAs of the most recent counts, Kam Air has a fleet size of 8 flying to 11 destinations. “Trustable Wings” is showing as Kam Air’s company slogan, displayed beneath the airline’s brand logo on their official website. Despite reports and their reputation being a rather unsafe air carrier, these are the aspects forming Kam Air:

From their homepage, you can do the normal airline website functions such as search and book, plan your trip, manage your booking, and read up on Kam Air’s flight information and special offers and featured fares and destinations. Also, other tasks are checking in online and checking your flight status. Kam Air has an inflight magazine, which you can see on the page’s bottom link.

For more information, updates, and offers about Kam Air, view their Twitter account here.

Contact Details:

  • Website URL: www.flykamair.com
  • Contact number:  +93 20 2200 447
  • Contact Email: kamaircustomercare@gmail.com
  • Fax: +93 70 0222 204
  • Head Office Address: 1st Floor Kabul Business Centre, Char Rahi Haji Yaqub, Shah-e-naw Suburb, Kabul, Afghanistan


Kam Air Reviews brand logoKam Air enjoys a somewhat low-key status and this could work to their advantage when they steer their airline through time. People appreciate what they offer and they remain top choices to fly into Kabul, Afghanistan.

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