Is FlightHub legit? This Canada-based online travel agency sells flight tickets, hotel accommodation bookings, and car rental services to travelers. Despite being a relatively unknown business to a large number of travelers, FlightHub has actually served thousands of clients as of today.

Travelers are very wary of the business they patronize, and for good reason. The travel industry has become so convoluted with so many businesses offering the supposedly best prices but  fall short when it comes to delivering their promise. Such cautious behavior is the reason why I found a number of forum threads discussing — and arguing about — the legitimacy of

A look at the history of FlightHub

FlightHub has been in business for long time. More than twenty years, to be exact. Back then, the company originally launched as an offline travel agency and had focused on providing booking services to a meager customer base.

As the internet grew, FlightHub incorporated the technology into their business. The original team of travel professionals teamed up with web developers who helped develop and maintain a proprietary framework which served as a vital part of the launch of

Today, FlightHub has partnered with more than 400 airlines and thousands of hotels which allows them to offer low-cost tickets and bookings.

FlightHub customer reviews

To determine the reliability of FlightHub, we have to look into FlightHub customer reviews for reference. If you’ve been an active internet user, you already know that customers are more prone to post reviews if they’ve had a negative experience. What surprised me was that FlightHub actually has plenty of reviews coming from satisfied customers.

“Everything was accurate. 1/4 flights delayed but not that big of a hassle. Didnt like how the dates couldnt be changed around that conveniently.”

— Kiran D.

“Flight hub was a painless site to go through. I got to my destination smoothly and without hassle. I will definitley use again as flight deals are super cheap compared to other sites.”

— Mikayla M.

“Ive used flighthub several times to book flights within Canada as well as outside Canada and have consistently found that the prices cant be beat and the ease of booking through the site is second to none. I will continue to be a user of flighthub.”

— Maureen

The pattern that I see from all the reviews I saw was that FlightHub’s strongest point is their website usability. Customers of all ages find the website to be fast, intuitive, and smooth. Next, the booking process is smooth. E-tickets, most of the time, were delivered almost instantly. If you talking to travel agents is something you dislike, this OTA might be worth a try.

FlightHub ratings from various online review sites

At, FlightHub garnered a rating of 4/5 stars. 68% of the reviewers claimed that their experience  with FlightHub was excellent.

FlightHub’s rating on is also good, especially for a website that is rather ruthless to businesses of all kinds. At the writing of this article, FlightHub has 2,406 reviews and the company has garnered a rating of 3.5/5 stars. is a website that provides factual evaluations of products and businesses for consumers. Here, we can see that HighYa gave FlightHub a rating of 4.5/5 stars.

Our judgment

As far as online travel agencies go, FlightHub is just as legitimate as other popular OTAs. Their claim to provide low-cost tickets and bookings has been proven by verified customers. Of course, as with all other businesses, FlightHub is not without flaw. Their automated system can sometimes fail and this is the reason why other people complained about unverified bookings and unaccepted payments. If you’re among those who unfortunately suffered from these system issues, I recommend that you contact FlightHub immediately. They have an excellent response rate and are more than happy to help you complete your booking.

Whether you’re an experienced traveler or simply someone who needs a quick flight ticket, FlightHub’s stellar service quality and affordable price is something that might be worth your time. Visit their site, explore their services, and compare them to other online travel agencies. This will help you make your own opinion on this company.

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