CWT To Go App Reviews 2017

Origins and Ownership

The CWT To Go app, the smart app for business travel, is for exclusive use by travellers whose companies or organisations use Carlson Wagonlit Travel as their preferred travel provider.

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Our newest CWT To Go app reviews take a look into the travel app’s main services, special features, and what its users think of them. 

Services and Features

The CWT To Go app can be downloaded for free for iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Android including Fire tablets from their official website. In fact, on this page it is indicated that CWT To Go app reviews gave them an average 4.5 stars out of 5.

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The app is designed for business travellers; hotels you see on it show rates which your own company negotiated with the hotels. From searching, viewing, to booking, complete travel planning is offered with your company’s perks and preferences. You can reserve air, hotel, car, and rail services using the CWT To Go app. Now, users can update their travel information such as loyalty program numbers so these populate automatically whenever you make a reservation.

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Furthermore, the CWT To Go app is available worldwide in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Aside from these services, the app lets you check in on flights using more than 250 airlines and be updated with real-time flight alerts and gate change notifications, while newer additions include the display of relevant membership-loyalty codes at the time of booking, helping you accrue rewards points.

Reviews of Customers

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Based on the CWT To Go app reviews on the app’s Google Play page, CWT To Go was rated with 4.4 stars and the most recent CWT To Go app reviews scored them with 3-5 stars out of 5. Though some said the app had too much notifications, others said it improved greatly with each update.

Here is what some of the CWT To Go app reviews wrote on iTunes: “The best app for travel! CWT To Go has been my go-to app for both business and personal trips for years now and has never let me down” and “This app works as it should! Makes traveling for work easy & I love that I can check in through the app. Nice job guys!”

How To Reach Them?

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From getting timely flight information to booking capabilities, the CWT To Go app gives its users the go-ahead during the stages of their travel planning. Known for its recent updates in its newest version, the app provides business and personal travellers what they need. However, even if some recent CWT To Go app reviews recounted their excessive notifications, other reviewers note that the app’s team proactively responded to their concerns, fixing most bugs and connecting to their users to give them the best experience.

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