The largest continent in the world, Asia has no shortage of beautiful sights to see and attractions that affect us deeply and can change us forever. Travelling brings us close to Asia’s numerous spectacles – the beauty of a rising sun, the active rice paddies, the grandeur of temples and pagodas, and many more experiences that Asia has to offer.

1. Komodo Island, Indonesia

Only one of the thousands of islands forming the Indonesian archipelago, Komodo Island is the habitat of the large monitor lizard Komodo Dragon. Rich fauna inhabit Komodo Island, which is also the site of one of the seven pink sand beaches in the world. Tourists go and visit this “Jurassic Park-like” home of the great lizard not only to encounter unique species but to try diving and mountain climbing on the island’s spectacular natural features.

6 Captivating Island Spots in Asia Komodo Island

2. Koh Rong Island, Cambodia

One to visit for the more reclusive visitor desirous of a little privacy during an enriching stay, Koh Rong Island is a serene spot of Cambodia. With few people, no roads and even minimal night lighting, and a small number of villages and settlements, you can have this “desert island” all to yourself and feel like you’re the only person on the island. Natural richness envelops Koh Rong Island from shore to sea, with a great number of fish, plankton, and coral creating a peaceful mood brimming with life.

6 Captivating Island Spots in Asia Koh Rong Island

3. Palawan, Philippines

World-famous Palawan is often described as an Asian “paradise on earth.” Steep limestone cliffs rise above unspoiled waters that border white-sand beaches and encircle luxurious jungles. It is the home of El Nido beach as well as of Coron, both of which are stunning beaches visited for their explicit physical beauty.

Palawan, one of the Philippines’ largest islands, was recently voted the most beautiful island in the world. It’s most noted for its incredible biodiversity and the beauty of their seascapes and landscapes.

6 Captivating Island Spots in Asia Palawan

4. Jeju Island, South Korea

Jeju Island or the “Island of the Gods” on the other hand is considered Korea’s version of Hawaii. Standout beaches occupy the region. Its natural features resemble that of the Hawaiian Islands from its temperate climate, volcanic rock, and even down to the various activities sojourners can do in Jeju Island – involving hiking, waterfalls, and the ocean. Jeju Island is a popular destination for the Japanese and Korean honeymooners alike.

6 Captivating Island Spots in Asia Jeju Island

5. Phuket Island, Thailand

Thailand’s largest island Phuket Island is mountainous and dotted with stunning beaches. People flock here to eat and relax in iconic seaside resorts or restaurants, experience the exceptional clear beaches, and get a dose of an old town lifestyle preserved from shopping to arts and culture.

6 Captivating Island Spots in Asia Phuket Island

6. Baros Island, Maldives

A Maldivian surprise, Baros Islands houses the Baros Islands Luxury Resort. Visitors to the warm welcoming island paradise can indulge in their resort’s spa offerings, unwind by the waters of the Indian Ocean, or try their hand at various water sports. The tranquil calm seems to settle on this spot of the Maldives, untouched by the hustle and bustle and offering a true escape into the resort lifestyle.

6 Captivating Island Spots in Asia Baros Islands Maldives

These 6 islands are only some of the thousands that dot the expanse of vast Asia. Their standout qualities captivated intrepid travellers eager to discover their mysteries. Asia is more than a haven, but a place that showcases diverse natural features and culture.

6 Captivating Island Spots in Asia beach

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