Going to the spa is one way of getting ultimate pampering and treatment for your wellness, to enhance your appearance, and sometimes even improve your health. All around the world, spa-going can make you look and feel rejuvenated, and to achieve this goal countries have developed their own bizarre methods. Spas nowadays from East to West offer one crazy new treatment over the other to meet spa-goer’s numerous needs.

5 Weird Spas From All Over the World treatment unique

In England, light capsules like intergalactic apparatuses are intended to give you a beautiful glow and help you lose weight. Asia where exotic treatments abound, beliefs about health, mind, and body are intertwined producing some unique spa methods such as the following:

1. Doctor fish spas

5 Weird Spas From All Over the World Fish Spa

Fish spas, so called because the treatment involves using tiny doctor fish that nibble at your flesh, had been all the rage recently. For the last ten years – popping up in countries as far reaching as Thailand to Greece – the technique sees spa goers dipping their feet into a pool of water with  small fish that slough off dead skin cells on your foot and body, leaving your skin smooth and soft.

2. Vampire facials

5 Weird Spas From All Over the World Vampire Facial

One of the most advanced skin treatments and cosmetic procedures today that is offered in some spas especially in the United States. Vampire Facelifts, dubbed as vampire facials, involve extracting a couple of teaspoons’ worth of blood from the patient’s arm to get platelet-rich plasma (PRP) which were separated by spinning the blood in a centrifuge. The PRP is activated and injected into the face to create a beautiful shape, promote healing, and create a youthful appearance.

3. Sake baths

5 Weird Spas From All Over the World Sake Bath

In Japan, spa goers know that sake is also good for bathing in. Needing only the fermented drink from Japan called sake poured into a hot tub of water, sake baths can be done at home. Through the process of fermentation, sake had produced kojic acid which acts as a natural skin brightener.

4. Skin scraping or Kerokan

5 Weird Spas From All Over the World Kerokan

In Indonesia, the back is believed to be where bodily impurities and toxic substances accumulate. Through the practical “spa” treatment of Kerokan or vigorous scraping of the back with an oil or a coin, these harmful toxins are believed to be eliminated. Kerokan is a traditional healing therapeutic procedure from Java, the country’s traditional cure for sickness.

5. Cryotherapy

5 Weird Spas From All Over the World Cryotherapy

In one side of the spectrum is the sauna and on the other, cryotherapy. Used as a medical therapy, cryotherapy involves the use of low temperatures to cure certain conditions. In spas, people enter a cryotherapy chamber for a few minutes, freezing their body at negative 190 degrees Fahrenheit, which is believed to speed up metabolism, reduce cellulite, and make you look younger.

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Has this review gotten you into the mood for some serious pampering? Tread off the beaten path by sampling a few of the most unique spa treatments that places from all over the world introduced to healing, beauty, and wellness. Though going to the spa with the emergence of these crazy treatments looks over the top, they present the diverse ways people solve problems relating to their body on the road towards a holistic life.

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