Italy is a must-see destination that’s a dream for many, yet only a few know further than what is most basic about this fabled country in Europe. From its art to its relaxed ambiance in modern times, the whole Italian package is an experience that’s worth the long wait to grow closer to, helped by these 5 Important Tips for Traveling to Italy:

5 Important Tips for Traveling to Italy city

1. Settle everything before you leave or while you’re there


Money, home or room keys, passport photocopies, comfortable shoes – all of these make up one of the 5 Important Tips for Traveling to Italy wherein safety is your concern. Obviously, convert to or order Euros from your bank and get an international Italy SIM for your cell phone – both will save you largely while in Italy.

Carry a photocopy of your passport and when going out, don’t wear your valuables or credit cards with you – at least in unsafe places – to avoid pickpockets’ attention, of which Italy has a lot of lurking everywhere.

2. Mind your manners

5 Important Tips for Traveling to Italy dining

Italians apparently start their dinners late, with some restaurants opening at 7 pm onwards. Once inside – at any time though – some travellers to Italy write that Italian restaurants follow their menu by the book: what you see or read is what you get, and they don’t really entertain any other special dining requests.

You also have to know what it is exactly you’d just ordered; and the olive oil and bread in your meal don’t go together. Locals will find it offensive if you dip your bread into the olive oil, as it’s only meant to clean up your leftover pasta sauce.

3. Conventional attire

5 Important Tips for Traveling to Italy church

Italy’s chockful of churches and stunning religious art, streets are narrow and cobblestoned and transportation to one of these magnificent structures that define Italy requires you pay respect to their tradition and convention in terms of dress: knees and shoulders covered for some churches.

4. Trainspotting

5 Important Tips for Traveling to Italy train

Trains, especially the high-speed ones, are the most recommended means of transportation in Italy, though they are particular about certain things, some of them being that before you board, you’ll have to make sure that your tickets had actually been validated at the green and white ticket machines throughout the train station to avoid a fine.

On land or by train, Italy cannot promise exemptions from pickpockets, so make your ticket transactions with human clerks and be wary of suspicious-looking individuals being overtly helpful with you and your luggage.

5. Ciao, bella!

Italy, in our 5 Important Tips for Traveling to Italy review, unraveled to us readers as a somewhat foreboding place heavy with too much time and effort from us visitors to keep our valuables and our lives in check throughout the trip, though, keeping it light and convivial is the secret to enjoying Italy.

5 Important Tips for Traveling to Italy activity

Know that making an effort to learn and speak Italian is flattering to locals, and that seeing you blend in with their stylish ensemble is a beautiful sight and something you can have fun with while you’re there. To show your appreciation, greet Italians with a kiss on both cheeks, left side first, and wait for the rest of the magic of Italy to unfold.

5 Important Tips for Traveling to Italy transportation

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