5 Famous Festivals in the World

There are several festivals celebrated annually from different parts of the world. Neither Google nor Wikipedia can even give a definite number as to how many festivals we have in the world. In this article, we will list down the 5 Famous Festivals in the World. Yes, the 5 most popular, most visited, and world-renowned festivals. Take time to absorb every detail in each festival, who might know? You could be on a vacation in the mentioned country below and the festival is just up ahead.

1. La Tomatina
5 Famous Festivals in the World-la-tomatina-spain

In Spain, a food festival is held annually, during the last Wednesday of August. To be specific, the world’s biggest food fight happens in the town of Bunol (near Valencia). People around the world, not just Spanish but also tourists, travel to engage in this once-a-year throwing of more than one hundred metric tons of over-ripe tomatoes. Statistics shows that Bunol has a normal population of 9,000 but attendees each year for the festival are ranging from 50-60,000. This is one of the best ways to release your stress. Throw a tomato at someone and you are pardoned because it’s a festival.

2. Giant Lantern Festival

In Philippines, a lantern festival is held annually, during the Yuletide in the city of San Fernando, Pampanga. Take note that these are not just your typical or average-sized lanterns at home in the Christmas season or festivals. But, this festival is world-renowned for the creativeness of the Filipino in making a “Giant” Lantern. Why do tourists stay for Christmas in the Philippines? One reason is the hospitality and friendliness of the native Filipinos, and this festival amazes foreigners with the dancing lights highlighted, the bright colors and intricate designs of the giant lanterns. Just imagine the effort from 5,000 light bulbs: wiring them up together using hundreds of yards of electrical wires.

3. Amsterdam Gay Pride
5 Famous Festivals in the World-amsterdam-gay-pride

In the Netherlands, a certain festival for the accepted third sex is held annually, during the first weekend of August. The canal parade takes pride at the canals of Amsterdam (route from Westerdok over the Prinsengracht, Amstel river, Zwanenburgwal and Oudeschans to Oosterdok). This is actually a celebration of commitment to the emancipation and social and legal equality of the growing LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community. However, this will soon be renamed to “EuroPride” to gain a bigger impact. This event is one of the largest publicly-held annual events that attracts several hundred-thousand visitors including non-Dutch ones.

4. Cosplay Festival
5 Famous Festivals in the World-world-cosplay-summit-japan

In Japan, an international cosplay event known as WCS or World Cosplay Summit is held in Sakae, Nagoya, Aichi, and was established in 2003 to create a new sense of international friendship with cosplayers from all over the world. It all started from Japan where the youth love to watch and read animes and manga. But, the modernity of life lead them to experiment and gave them the idea of being the character instead of reading/watching; that was when Cosplay culture was born. Since Japan is the home of the Otaku (Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, commonly the anime and manga fandom), this is where the event is annually held.

5. Just For Laughs Festival

In Canada, a comedy festival is held annually each July. The biggest name in comedy, Just For Laughs festival, is celebrated in Montreal, Quebec. If you haven’t watched the comedy TV show, Just For Laughs, then you are missing half of your life, yes you are! But if you did, then you know who Victor is. That’s actually the name of the green monster which appears to be the trademark of the show. In 2007, “Rose” was created to be the wife of Victor. One attendee of the festival even said, “If you love to see a variety of comedians and talented people, you’ll love this show, and you’ll enjoy the festival.”

For a complete list of festivals in the world, click here. But, please be reminded that even Wikipedia had gathered the complete list of festivals by category. This might change without further notice. It is said that “festivals” are events or an organized series of concerts, plays or movies for the community to celebrate on a certain topic or significant occurrence. We can party and enjoy such festivals, just make sure to be safe, don’t go wasted like this guy:
5 Famous Festivals in the World-wasted
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