Dubai has a reputation as a luxurious destination and a playground for the rich or famous, though there are many things you can do for free in this wealthy Middle Eastern city. United Arab Emirates, like its oil-rich neighbours, boasts a city many people think will transport them to the heights of lavish living, and at a price skyrocketing to the heights of the gold-leafed Burj Al Arab hotel. The cost of living in Dubai is notoriously expensive, and it’s visited by only a few who have insider access – like a celebrity visiting a secret private island – and staying there will amount to daily expenses unlike any other.

5 Amazing Things You can Do for Free in Dubai building

Despite this, you can tour Dubai at your own leisure and have fun with the “free” things that the city offers:

1. Free movies

5 Amazing Things You can Do for Free in Dubai free movie

This offer coming half free, Dubai people love getting free deals on entertaining media like movies. Du mobile customers can get a free movie ticket screening when they purchase 1 ticket full price at Vox Cinemas with “du Tuesday” deals. Other kinds of free movie screenings are prevalent in slightly different forms: for example, when you download one app and browse the deals including buy-one-get-one-free cinema at “Etisalat Wednesdays” or by movie-watching out under the stars at The Rooftop Gardens, Wafi Pyramids, one of Dubai’s longest-lasting and free Sunday traditions that expose anyone to classic films at no entrance fee.

2. Visit crafts stores or malls

5 Amazing Things You can Do for Free in Dubai shopping

Without breaking the bank of course, and without having to spend anything. Dubai is chock full of larger-than-life shopping malls that set the stage for hours and hours of guilt-free window or stall shopping. Spend time gawking at the large number of modern shiny displays and the generous showcases of the abundant gold and trinkets that pass through Dubai’s souks in a year.

3. Camp or go outdoors

5 Amazing Things You can Do for Free in Dubai camp outdoors

Dubai is a beautiful place, populated with endless skyscrapers, the city planned with fun and functionality to mind, resulting in a naturally advanced and metropolitan landscape which also has plenty of use for the citizens. Without spending a single dirham, you can make the most of the desert and go “camping:” get a little creative with your friends. Al Barsha Pond Park use is for free and gives you access to race tracks and free-to-use courts, too.

4. Dune bashing

5 Amazing Things You can Do for Free in Dubai dune bashing

Hit the road with a group, the more the merrier. Desert safaris with off-road vehicles are as popular as the desirability of a fine car in Dubai. One can use this opportunity to course around the sweeping dunes and get a taste of a literally fast life via a 4×4. This is like real dune buggying, and all it needs is your own car.

5. Birthday bashing

5 Amazing Things You can Do for Free in Dubai water slide

All you have to do to get a pass into Dubai’s Aquaventure Waterpark is visit there during your birthday week. Simply register your birthday and spend the entire days weaving in and out of the biggest water slides for free. It’s a fantastic way to get wet and wild in the middle of Dubai, and during your birthday too.

Dubai is rich in every sense of the world, which makes a visit there more than enriching, but possible to people who have slightly different travel agendas.

5 Amazing Things You can Do for Free in Dubai skyscraper

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