Chicago and children can go together like ice cream and a hot summer day in the United States of America. The art and culture-loving city in Illinois is also a kid nation, offering plenty of 4 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Chicago that make life easier for the parents who are hunting downtown for fun activities to keep their children occupied.

4 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Chicago kids

Children have short attention spans and when done playing at home or at the garden, or watching educational TV programs and cartoons, that would be the time to introduce them while they’re young to what Chicago is all about. On the way, this could serve as a lesson and a good habit they could form to keep their eyes open to the natural and manmade beauty and wonder of the world around them.

1. Go with them to the museum

4 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Chicago musem

Chicago is known for its museums, and a visit to the city by non-natives or by tourists will almost always include a trip to the museum. A museum would the be among the perfect 4 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Chicago – it’s educational, cheap, and can get young children interested in art or history.

Once inside – if they are so artistically-inclined – kids can marvel at another of Chicago’s prides: architecture, and even nurture an ambition to be involved in all this in the future. Chicago Children’s Museum, The Field Museum, The Art Institute of Chicago, and Chicago History Museum are famous examples of these institutions.

2. Indoor Playgrounds

4 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Chicago playground

Throughout Chicago are indoor playgrounds or play areas where children of certain ages can play safely whatever the weather. Parents can bring their children to one of these places in Chicago and even join in on special family days and celebrate special events here with them. Indoor playgrounds feature anything from arcades, obstacle courses, mini-golf courses – children can really let loose without wreaking havoc in their own homes.

3. If not indoors, Take kids on an outdoor adventure

4 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Chicago zoo

If your children would rather play around with you outside, a visit to a zoo or a park would be a perfect option. Admission to some of these places is free, and these are among the most fun spots to take your kids to; everyone can ride amusement park rides, learn about different animals, and participate in typical Chicago leisure activities which both adults and kids can enjoy while giving the a breath of fresh air and a healthy dose of culture.

4. Take them to a toy store

4 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Chicago toy store

One of the major occasions children celebrate here in Chicago is their birthday, and though there had been many ways to do it, a toy would still be the most obvious choice to give. Adults and children will find toy stores nowadays stock on more than mere toys but on books and other gifts as well, and people of all ages will find something to do or buy from their interests.

All of these activities are kid-friendly but adults can join in the fun and learning. On special days, these are the best things you can do with kids in Chicago that can bond you together in the city.

4 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Chicago view

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